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Finding an Orphaned Baby Skunk Wandering About

Baby Portland skunks stay with their mother throughout the summer and often the females stay together throughout the winter for warmth. The place of stay will be different from the summer den. The kittens will begin to follow mom out of the den when they are 5 weeks old to learn how to forage. When the baby Oregon skunks are found all alone and mom is out of sight, then it is best to rescue them. The rescue operation may be necessary depending on the circumstances.

In worst scenarios, in case if the mom is hit by a car on the road, the babies can be seen hanging around her and they should be picked up right away. Take a cardboard box or anything of that type to put them in, or a man can sacrifice by removing his shirt and tie a knot at the end to make a sack out of it. Wear some kind of protective gloves, especially winter or gardening gloves if the orphans are of toddler age. Use a towel or a small blanket to toss over them and to put them into the box if you don’t carry around nets with you. Smaller Oregon kittens will be much easier to handle with and can be easily picked up.

Make sure you don’t scare them as there is a chance of you getting bitten by them. You should be more calm and casual to make them less frightened of us. It is a complicated and dangerous situation in the middle of the road. So make yourself safe and at the same time rescue them from the danger. Inform the Oregon police or Oregon animal control for help in a roadway rescue. Another solution is to use some napkins todrag the dead skunk to the ditch which will draw the babies to her and off the road.

If the babies are found in a yard for a long time, then it is in need of rescue. Watch the situation for some time and if you don’t see the parent Portland skunk then make yourself prepared to save them. It is not a good option to leave the babies alone in a yard. Cats, dogs, birds, fire ants and dehydration are the different forms of danger for the babies. It is best to secure the orphan in a safe box with warm bedding. Once you have them in a box, immediately call the hotline and let the Oregon rehabber take care of them.

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