How to Catch a Raccoon with a Snare Pole

There are different methods to get rid of an Oregon raccoon in your home, such as: repelling, catching with traps, poisoning, shooting, etc. There are different types of traps, such as body grip trap, paw hold trap and live cage trap. Traps are the best solution for humane removal of a Portland raccoon from your home-primarily if we are talking about live cage traps.

However, there is another way to trap Oregon raccoons and get it out of your home: snare pole catching and removal. But what is a snare pole? Snare pole is a metal rod with a loop at the end that will squeeze around the animal's neck once it gets over the Portland raccoon's head.

In order to be effective with a snare pole and to try not to hurt a raccoon, it is important to have a snare pole that is made of wider cable so that it doesn't carve in animal's fur and skin. Make sure to keep loop in a round shape rather then in a tear-like shape to ensure it operates smoothly.

Approach a raccoon, holding a snare pole behind you or by your side. Don't hold it in front of you because you will never get the chance to put it over animal's head. Once you approach the Oregon raccoon within an operable distance, while holding a pole with both hands, smoothly put it over raccoon's head and pull a release cord to tighten it firmly-but not painfully tight. It is important to have a good feel about the tiny difference between these two, because this will make a difference between safe capture and painful animal experience, where a Portland raccoon might want to jerk in a try to run away and stop the pain, causing only the opposite.

Once a loop is securely around the Oregon animal's neck, get it swiftly toward the cage and put it inside, releasing the loop simultaneously. You want to stop this unpleasant experience for a raccoon as soon as possible and once it is safely in the cage that is it. Finally, it is worth saying that snare pole isn't a capturing solution that you will want to try out first. It is catching tool that is unpleasant and in lots of cases painful and frightening for a raccoon and there are definitely better solutions to catch a Portland raccoon then using a snare pole.

Additionally, using a snare pole asks for experience and skill, even when it looks so simple to be used-it is not. Leave this to Oregon professionals and don't try it yourself, unless you are really skilled with it. Even the professionals don't use snare pole as their primary and first method to catching a Portland raccoon.

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