What Diseases do Pigeons Carry?

Pigeons these are cute and adorable creatures and you simply love to see them in the Portland gardens or parks as their presence is known for providing a relaxing feeling. However, this is only one side of the story because prolong presence of these birds in any building or home can bring a variety of drawbacks. Therefore, one has to be extremely careful if there are more than average sightings of Oregon pigeons in an area.

Another important question is that what diseases do Portland pigeons carry? This is something which is directly related with your health and well being so taking any kind of risks or showing negligence is never the right thing to do here.

The droppings of Portland pigeons can be responsible for causing a variety of issues related with health and well being especially they offer many health threats for elderly also these are known for containing in them a variety of pathogenic organisms. Infectious and deadly diseases such as ornithosis, salmonella and tuberculosis are the most apparent drawbacks which are associated with presence of pigeons. Not only this, these birds are also known for acting as allergens and this can lead to a number of ailments related with respiration including allergic reactions to skin and fancier’s lung. There are strong chances present that above discussed illnesses can get spread to humans by developing contact with the droppings of Oregon pigeons, fathers, dandruff etc. Therefore, you have to be extremely careful in these cases.

The alarming point is that almost 60 plus transmissible Portland bird related diseases are related with pigeons and in this section we will discuss some of them.

• Histoplasmosis is actually a respiratory disorder that is known for being fatal. It is actually the result of fungus getting developed inside the droppings of Oregon birds. This disease is known for influencing respiratory system, skin, intestines, mouth and the urogenital tract.

• Another disease of nervous system known as St. Louis Encephalitis is responsible for causing drowsiness, fever and headache. This can even lead to death and coma so one has to avoid contracting it in all cases.

• Generally Salmonellosis occurs in form of food poisoning and it is associated with Portland pigeons and sparrows. The disease causing agents are known for being present in droppings of Oregon birds.

Apart from the above mentioned diseases Oregon pigeons can transmit other pathologies so it is best that you should take all the relevant preventive measures.

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